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Captiva Nappy Bin Starter Kit
$79.00 (RRP: $79.00)

Makes nappy changing easier than ever! Uses a multi-layer barrier bag in the refill cassette which keeps the bad smells at bay.  You can use the nappy bin with one hand and it's really easy to empty.  Uses a lot less plastic than any other competitive system, so it is environmentally friendlier too!


·         Contains: 1 X Bin, and 4 X Refills

·         Multi-layer bag provides effective barrier to keep nasty smells at bay

·         Only one type of refill cassette, suitable from birth

·         One refill cassette lasts approx. 28 days (128 nappies, size 2)

·         Very easy to use with one hand

·         Safe and simple cutting mechanism inside the nappy bin

·         Easy to empty (approx. once a week), just like a normal bin liner



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Price:$79.00 (RRP: $79.00)
  • Captiva Nappy Bin Starter Kit
  • Captiva Nappy Bin Starter Kit